#ScienceSunday 2015 Roundup

I started doing #ScienceSunday last April as a way to continue the Women's History Month biography project past March. Instead, each week, I showcased a scientific woman who you've likely never heard of with a brief summary about why they rock.

I love history, as proved by my Women in STEM jewelry line. I'm a huge dork when it comes to looking through old image archives and learning about women especially, so I loved making them! Unfortunately, I had to stop my weekly posts in August as I had to prepare for my wedding.

But it's my favorite month again- Women's History Month AND my birthday month! Seems like as good a time as any to revive my posts. This year, I've introduced #WomenWednesdays, where I'm going to highlight incredible non-scientific women in history, along with my usual #ScienceSundays.  I've already started with the magnificent Nellie Bly

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  • SHerrie FUscone on

    I like what you’re doing with women’s history. Children should be exposed to it as soon as possible to claim their own heroines to emulate. I will look into any women I hear of and try to put them into books. Thanks, again.

  • Brenda Hendricks on

    I think your site is very interesting. I am happy to have discovered it. Thank You!

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